From the software to the service: Clerk, Hotel Management

by Jorge Barahona

Clerk, Hotel management is a CRM that allow any hotelier to carry and manage his business online. It’s my new startup where i’ve put everything I know about Experience Design, entrepreneurship and communications.

Dashboard Administrador Clerk

Owner dashboard

Clerk gathers a great amount of data that is accumulated on every hotel’s database using our service every day. Making Clerk a partner for the hotelier is a challenge.

For that to happen, Clerk must show the trends, reveal the data, cross them and make the reality emerge is something that only we designers could unveil through the data visualization. Transform data into communication

I’m convinced that the “beatutiful evidences” move us at the moment to acquire a good or a service. They exists only for aesthetic pleasure but also because of the “new reality” that only we can see wen see depict the data

A picture that goes beyond the graphic or the accessory; an image that helps to decide. Just like when you look for the weather on your mobile, the stocks, the stats of your site on Analytics or when you see the flights on a screen at an airport. The understanding of reality is built from what you see on digital devices, because those devices are language.

Clerk aims that way, towards being the partner that shows the hotelier something that can’t see otherwise, because that’s what the internet and Design are for, to build that communication with the abstractedness of the figures, with the evidence of trends, and with the reality that happens to us, and in this occasion, in my hotel business.

Clerk's screens

Clerk's screens